The Istighfar Kabir: The Magnificent Forgiveness


I seek the forgiveness of Allah the Great, there is no divine reality but He, the Ever Living, Sustainer of Life, the Forgiver of our mistakes, the Majestic and Generous. And I turn to Him in repentance from all acts of disobedience, and all short comings and offenses. From every error that I have committed intentionally and unintentionally, openly and in secret, in word and deed.

In my every action and my every stillness, my every thought and my every breath, always and forever and eternally. From the error committed that I am aware of and the error committed that I am unaware of. To the number of all things contained in His knowledge, registered in the Book of Life, written down by the Divine Pen, and to the number of all that His omnipotence has created, and His will chosen, and as much as the mystical ink of Allah’s words. As it befits the Majesty of the Face of Allah, and His Beauty and Perfection, and as our Lord wishes and as He pleases.

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